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When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about



Who- The Sabo Taj is a suitable board for intermediate and advanced level surfers. Beginners who are looking to transfer to a smaller, shortboard style board could make good use of this board as well.


When- The Sabo Taj is another one of Biolos’s attempts to make “One Board to rule them all”. This model works well in any condition you can think of as well as wave heights from 2-3ft, soft waist high all the way up to 8 ft solid indo, or hollow beach breaks. Use this board in everything!


What- The Sabo Taj is the culmination of a couple different boards. It utilizes features from the Rock-Up, Round-Up, Mini Driver, plus some additional things that Taj personally like from his previous models. Starting at the nose, we have a volume forward outline and low entry rocker which is going to give us the paddle power that is essential in both small and big waves. However, there is enough rocker to account for those late take-offs. Moving towards to middle, the Sabo Taj uses a continuous curve to allow the board to flow smoothly without any snag. Towards the tail, the outline makes a quick curve to a rather narrow round tail with the tail rocker of a step-up. This makes the Sabo Taj idea for steep and hollow tubes; however, the tail is still wide enough where you can draw out solid turns on a slopey point break. Again, reinforcing the idea that this board is designed to work at a high level in just about any type of wave. Taj rides this board 1” shorter but a bit wider than his standard Proformance shortboard.

Additional Information

Brand LOST C4
Length 5'10
Dimensions 19.25 X 2.46
Volume 30
Fins FUT
Serial Number 189358