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The Black Dart technology features a stringer-less EPS foam blank with a custom woven carbon fiber & S-cloth deck wrap that runs vertically nose to tail. The deck’s carbon fiber weave which wraps around the rails acts as the board’s stringer and dictates flex. This setup provides you with a very lightweight and durable surfboard that is a blast to ride. It surfs very lively and responsive due to its flex memory which “snaps” back into position through the apex of your turn. The weave can be dyed any color and can be made for any …Lost surfboard model!

Who= Who should be riding this model
When= When should you ride this model
What= What is this model about
Who- The Voodoo Child will be enjoyed by an intermediate to advanced surfer.
When- The Voodoo Child should be ridden in average to good waves. Anything from waist to head high + waves.
What- The Voodoo Child is Mason Ho’s pro model and its characteristics are eclectic and progressive as Mason’s surfing. The outline is straight from the nose to the middle where it comes to an aggressive bump/hip above the tail. This yields forward glide while allowing quick sharp turns in critical sections. The nose rocker is mellow but leads into a hearty tail rocker. This combination increases paddling ability, the ability to catch waves early, and the ability to surf the tail for progressive maneuvers in the pocket. The concave is a single to double through the fins which allows controlled release for tail free surfing. The beak nose adds volume without impeding performance and increases the nose’s strength. The Voodoo Child is a funky twist of retro nostalgia with modern performance, exactly what one should expect from Mason Ho.

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Additional Information

Length 5'10
Dimensions 19.26 X 2.38
Volume 29.1
Fins FCS2
Serial Number 167455