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Who= Who should be riding this model When= When should this model be ridden What= What this model is about Who: Intermediate to advanced surfers. When: Sub-average to good conditions. What: The MAYSM is an asymmetric design that was built to make transitioning from heel to toe on a wide shortboard very easy and fluid. The anatomically corrected tail curves provide forgiveness on the heels and more resistance on the toes and increases control on a high volume, small wave board. This is accomplished by shortening or reducing rail line on one’s heel side and straightening or elongating the toe side rail. The MAYSM is a stance specific model meaning there is a Goofy and Regular stance version offered. This allows the board to have a round tail for the heel side and a “rocket” tail on the toe side. Matt Biolos based the MAYSM off the V2 Stub but with the asymmetric tail changes, he improved the precision surfing abilities. The most effected aspects are the board’s ability to back side bottom turn and do tight front side pocket turns. …Lost will offer each size in Regular or Goofy foot build.

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 5'11
Dimensions 21.25 X 2.55
Volume 36.5
Fins 5FUT
Serial Number 184012