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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should you ride this model

What= What is this model about

Who- Intermediate and better surfers should be riding this board. Although it is a forgiving and versatile board, beginners will be suited on a more full and higher volume model.

When- The Quiver Killer can be ridden in average to great conditions. Ideally waist to head + waves.

What- The Quiver Killer is based off the Short Round with an emphasis on extending its prowess into larger waves. The Quiver Killer gets that name for a reason, it can still handle the low end spectrum like the Short Round, however the forgiving round thumb tail provides increased hold and control in powerful surf. When compared to the Short Round, the Quiver Killer’s overall outline has been elongate by a few inches, the tail (behind the side fins) has been pulled in/tapered and ends with the rounded tail. …Lost also added a touch of rocker and narrowed the nose. All these changes keep it true in the small surf, but add to the performance in punchy and larger surf. This model is Hell On Water and will be replacing multiple boards in your quiver.

Additional Information

Brand LOST C4
Length 5'11
Dimensions 20.38 X 2.55
Volume 34
Fins FCS
Serial Number 189410