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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about


Who: Intermediate to Advanced. The Rad Ripper is for someone whom is looking for a fast, fun, and easy to ride board for small, sub-par, every day surfing.


When: Every day average conditions. When the waves aren’t inspiring on their own, but you do not want to bust out the groveler.  Lots of speed, lift, and glide for the sub-average to good days.


What: The Rad Ripper is a compliment to the Retro Ripper and is the latest within …Lost’s “Post Modern Retro” collection. When compared to the Retro Ripper… the entry rocker has been relaxed to allow for faster paddling and earlier entry into the wave. The tail has been switched to a wide a squash that provides glide and lift over mushy waves and easily connects sections. Performance is not lost with a hefty tail rocker and aggressive double concave which gives the board a responsive lively-ness to it. 

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 5'11
Dimensions 20.25X2.6
Volume 33
Fins FUT
Serial Number 210358