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5'5 ...LOST BEAN BAG BLACK DART SURFBOARD A radically extreme small wave concept! Based around maximum surface area for lift and stability in tiny surf. Balanced by a “double ender” outline and a tip to tail vee bottom, for forgiveness and on rail surfing in the smallest of waves. Similar to the Couch Potato, but with a wider tail and a lower overall rocker. It also features a flat (low center of gravity) and stable deck. This board is meant to be surfed very short. Unlike most extremely wide and short boards, it has the ability to be surfed aggressively from the tail, and up onto a rail, without sliding out…Get off the Couch, toss your LazyBoy and bust out the BeanBag! Give us a Like and a Follow on Social Media Facebook: Instagram: @catalystshopdotcom Call 1-855-429-9570 with any questions! The Black Dart technology features a stringer-less EPS foam blank with a custom woven carbon fiber & S-cloth deck wrap that runs vertically nose to tail. The deck’s carbon fiber weave which wraps around the rails acts as the board’s stringer and dictates flex. This setup provides you with a very lightweight and durable surfboard that is a blast to ride. It surfs very lively and responsive due to its flex memory which “snaps” back into position through the apex of your turn. The weave can be dyed any color and can be made for any …Lost surfboard model!

Additional Information

Length 5'5
Dimensions 21.75 X 2.56
Volume 36.1
Fins FUT
Serial Number 171462