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Who: Intermediate to advanced surfers.

When: The Evil Twin does have characteristics that lends itself to smaller waves, but ideally needs waist + conditions as there are better suited models for sub-waist waves. Depending on the fin configuration used, can confidently hold in stronger surf.

What: The Evil Twin is a free-thinking, versatile, and modern take on retro inspiration. This model features; MR inspired flat deck, steep n tucked soft rails, a shallow single concave through the center, a low tail rocker with a deep concave vee, a rounded pin tail, and the e-wing. The e-wing gives control and forgiveness in relation to the high volume and flat rocker nature of the model. The Evil Twin also comes with a single fin center box and side fin options. This enables multiple fin configurations to cater the ride quality to your preference and wave conditions.

***All Evil Twins come with a free Future Single Fin and a free Future Trailer***

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 5'6
Dimensions 19.5X2.35
Volume 28.8
Fins FCS2
Serial Number 193400
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