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Our Patented Carbon Wrap construction eliminates a standard wooden stringer and alters all traditional flex principles.
Our exclusive Carbon bands are strategically positioned running from nose to tail on the surfboard.
Flaring the carbon out towards the rail utilizes the contortional twist creating optimum flex and drive. It is the unique method of wrapping these carbon bands from the bottom of the board, and around the rail onto the deck that provides the unique load and release.
The carbon wrap technology is designed to increase drive and allow positive tail flex providing a lively, next level performance based board that will propel your surfing into the next level.

The Puddle Fish is a fresh spin off the first generation Puddle Jumper thus sharing some characteristics while featuring an all new tail block. The Puddle Fish starts off with a similar nose outline with only a touch more width at the 12” mark from the tip and the same volume forward/hearty mid-section underfoot. The same mellow entry nose rocker remains constant and just a slight flip off the tail for maneuverability. This provides exceptional paddle ability and wave catching prowess. The bottom half is where most of the over-haul happened. The inverted swallow tail and deep single channel through the center fin area create one of the fastest models available while still giving bit and control for aggressive and or pocket surfing.

The Puddle Fish can be summed up as a grovel model which excels in poor to average + waves that can be ridden by all skill levels. Should be ridden 2-5” shorter than your traditional shortboard.

Additional Information

Length 5'6
Dimensions 20.75 X 2.4
Volume 31
Fins 5FUT
Serial Number 171187