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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should you ride this model

What= What is this model about

Who- The Short Round should be ridden by intermediate and better surfers. Someone who is easily popping up and turning down the line. Its forgiving and full-bodied outline will help the lesser skilled surfers while advanced surfers can ride it short in length to maximize its performance in small surf.

When- The Short Round should be ridden when the waves don’t/can’t warrant a traditional shortboard, but yet still offer enough to turn and slash on the correct model. Waves in the thigh + to chest + range is ideal. A great model for the average surf found at your home break.

What- The Short Round is high performance surfing in small waves. That is what the Short Round was made to do and it does it well. A no gimmicks, no shenanigans, thorough bred workhorse for average conditions. It is a performance hybrid that bridges the gap between grovel and hp shortboards. It accomplishes this with a wide-ish nose, volume forward outline, low entry rocker/moderate tail rocker, generous single-double concave, and a tight bump squash tail.

Additional Information

Length 5'6
Dimensions 19.25 X 2.25
Volume 27
Fins No
Serial Number 21622