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This board is part of our Firewire Special Order Program, which ships directly from Firewire! This allows us to obtain practically any Firewire you want. Once the order has been placed with us, we promptly contact Firewire to confirm your board is in stock and instruct them to ship. Most orders ship soon after Firewire is contacted, but orders are subject to availability. We will confirm the expected delivery time and provide tracking. There is a flat $120 shipping fee for all Special Order Firewire surfboards to any Continental US shipping address If you need the board by a specific date and or are working with a deadline please contact us directly to coordinate. Call us at 1-855-429-9570 or email The Spitfire is similar to the Dominator but with some subtle differences. It has the same paddling ability and float as the Dominator but with a touch more performance. It features a "step-rail," in the tail which gives it bite in the pocket and turns like a lower volume short board. Ideal for poor to average waves and should be ridden shorter than your performance short board.

Additional Information

Length 5'6
Dimensions 19 3/4 X 2 3/8
Volume 28.3
Fins FUT
Serial Number SOSPIT6