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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about

Who- Intermediate to advanced skill surfers will be right at home on this model. Beginners may be able to ride a drastically oversized Uber-Driver but it is not the ideal model to learn on.


When- The Uber-Driver will be your go to model when conditions are not quite there for a traditional high performance board, but a full groveler is not entirely necessary. Sub-average to good conditions is where the Uber-Driver will find its stride. The model’s “Rocket” based upper half will have you catching soft waves with ease while the “Driver” based tail area will have it attacking steeper/critical sections. We say anywhere from waist to chest + is a good size range for the Uber-Driver.


What-  The “Uber-Driver” is all about exaggerating fun in everyday surf conditions for everyday surfers. That is not to say that the “pro” surfer can’t find fun aboard the Uber-Driver. People will find this a great cross between a Hybrid and Pro-formance board with its blend of Rocket and Driver series attributes. These attributes are as follows… The nose rocker and general outline is taken from the Rocket series which allow it to paddle well, add stability, catch waves easily, and quickly generate speed when the conditions are not providing much power. These features drastically boost the low-end wave capabilities for the Uber-Driver. The bottom half/tail portion is derived from the Driver series with similar tail rocker, generous single/double concave, and a notable Vee behind the rear fins. The tail characteristics are what lends the Uber-Driver to remain confident in steeper more critical sections and or when the waves have some push to them. Put all these features together and you have a very capable and uber-fun model for the day-to-day conditions!


Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 5'6
Dimensions 18.5X2.33
Volume 25.6
Fins FUT
Serial Number 182353