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Who: The Psycho Killer should be ridden by intermediate to advanced surfers. Beginners will most likely find this model too unstable and responsive for learning the fundamentals. Intermediates will find this a great board for a variety of conditions and will greatly help them catch tons of waves while keeping maneuverability available. The advanced surfer will find this a great addition to the quiver, which compliments their thoroughbred performance boards.


When: Much like its Quiver Killer relative, the Psycho Killer handles a range of conditions. Anything from sub-average to good + waves is the PK’s sweet spot. This is a model you can ride in waist high mush while also feeling confident when the waves are chest + and pushing.


What: The Psycho Killer is all about excelling in the majority of wave conditions. It is easy to catch waves and create speed. It loves tubes, and flat faces, and is fully capable of performing full rail carves and nimble maneuvers when asked. This sort of wide ranging function is what makes the "Killer" Series a favorite for surfers from our top team to everyday Janes and Joes. Lost took the Quiver Killer outline, but have pulled the nose in and added a double bump swallow to add more “pop” in small surf while retaining hold in solid waves. The Psycho Killer also features “hidden volume” which adds foam in the middle of the board but tapers into the rails that yields great paddling and drive but upholds an agile and sensitive rail ideal for carving. Lost finishes the Psycho Killer package with a deep double concave through the tail to facilitate rail-to-rail transitions that gather speed and add maneuverability.

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 5'7
Dimensions 19 X 2.3
Volume 26.75
Fins FCS
Serial Number 179781