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The Lost Baby Buggy Round can be seen as the more athletic brother or sister to the Baby Buggy. It is still family therefore many similarities are shared between the BB and BB Round. Things that remain constant are the poor to average condition excellence and overall dimensional make up. The key change is the slightly pulled in rear past 12” point which leads to the round tail. It is enough of a change to allow powerful carving and increased hold in tighter/punchier sections.
We like how the Baby Buggy Round allows an early entrance into the wave and glide through sections leading up to or between more powerful parts of the wave. Then, when at speed, having the round tail to lie into and rely on is just too much fun. The added hold will have you pulling out the Baby Buggy Round on days where you may have chosen a more “traditional shortboard” and possibly struggled to get in early or link sections down the line. The Baby Buggy Round is ideal for poor to good + days around anything from 2-6 feet depending on the type of wave.

…Lost Surfboard’s Baby Buggy Round Review
New, for Fall '16", The Baby Buggy Rnd"…AKA "Baby Thumb". A fresh fun update to this years most popular Alternative HP Shortboard model. Developed for Taj, and his ongoing testing of slightly alternative designs, it’s meant to allow him to ride the Baby Buggy in the more raw and rugged surf around his home in WA. By swapping the standard squash for a "Baby Thumb" tail, we have reduced the surface area in only the last few inches of the board (leaving the 12" point the same) thus adding a bit more bite and hold, making for a slightly more precise turning radius, and confidence at high speeds. The Baby Thumb extends the range of waves the BB can and will excel in without diminishing its small wave prowess. Everything else remains the same (Width, and overall volume, rocker rails etc). We don't consider this a step up, just a little twist which adds some flair and control in punchy or bigger waves, without ruining the fun in the slop.

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Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 6'0
Dimensions 20 X 2.5
Volume 32.75
Fins FUT
Serial Number 166179