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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about



Who: From Pros to Bros. Your average surfer to competing athletes will find themselves at home on the Sub Driver Swallow.


When: The Sub Driver Swallow loves small to moderate surf.


What: The Sub Driver Swallow is a stable, user-friendly model that catches waves easily, generates speed effortlessly, and can be ridden in a multitude of conditions. This model starts from the Sub Driver platform but has a tail reducing “hipped” swallow tail, a spiral vee behind the rear fin, a parallel rail line, and a wider than average nose. All of these characteristics work together providing a board that paddles well, provides overall stability, has tons of drive, and enough bite to hold in steep sections. The Sub Driver Swallow will be a great all-around model for those looking to ride a “traditional pointy nose” shortboard.

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 6'0
Dimensions 19.5 X 2.37
Volume 30.3
Fins FCS
Serial Number 196901