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Who: Your average joes, weekend warriors, and those looking for length in a board will find a home aboard the Crowd Killer Round.


When: From teeny tiny to it is big and you are puckered.



What: Essentially, the Crowd Killer Round is a more versatile Crowd Killer. It handles larger waves with increased control and confidence than the original Crowd Killer, while still upholding its small wave prowess. This dependable work-horse will excel in tiny dribble to the big days that may have you questioning if you’ll be paddling out. This is accomplished by changing the Crowd Killer’s double wing swallow for a round tail, reducing concave, lowering the rail volume, and adding a touch of curve to the outline (when compared to original Crowd Killer). The overall rocker/foil remain the same and all of this creates more control in steep high-speed sections while allowing smooth and relaxed surfing in a multitude of conditions. These subtle changes to an already well received model make for a board you want in your quiver. 

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 7'10
Dimensions 22.5 X 3
Volume 58.3
Fins FUT
Serial Number 202539