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Who= Who should be riding this model When= When should this model be ridden What= What this model is about Who- A novice to advanced level surfer will enjoy the Smooth Operator. Someone who may normally ride a fun or longboard but wants a mid-length board that resembles a “traditional” shortboard shape. When- The Smooth Operator will perform in the average to good wave conditions. Anything from waist high to head high +. What- The Smooth Operator is a mid-length board with high volume, relaxed rocker, and low rails. These attributes work together as to easily catch waves, generate speed, while remaining maneuverable. The fin setup is unique and allows a multitude of performance altering configurations. It has quad fin boxes + a longboard style center fin box (4 + 1 setup). Ride it as a quad, single fin, or single fin with stabilizing side bites. Expect this board to perform in a variety of conditions, increase your wave count, while keeping maneuverability at the fore-front.

Additional Information

Brand LOST
Length 7'4
Dimensions 21.63X2.92
Volume 50.5
Fins FCS2
Serial Number 193447