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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should you ride this model

What= What is this model about

Who- The Baby Buggy Round is ideal for novice to advanced surfers.

When- This model is for a variety of conditions. Sub-average to good days ranging from thigh + to head high. Can handle softer/slopey as well as punchy/critical waves.

What- The Baby Buggy Round is very similar to the Baby Buggy but it turns the “send” knob up a bit for stronger/more critical waves. The rocker, rails, foil, and concave remain the same, but the tail is pulled in at the 12” mark to accomplish its Baby Thumb Tail. This increases quick precision turns and high speed confidence. It came to be so that Taj Burrow could more comfortably ride this Alternative HP Surfboard at more of his slabby Western Australian breaks. Expect the Baby Buggy Round to still shine in the slop, but also expect the high end capabilities to be elevated.