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Who= Who should be riding this model


When= When should this model be ridden


What= What this model is about



Who: Someone who wants “more” board, whether that is in the form of length for the surfer whom likes riding shortboards, but wants increased paddle ability and increased wave count.. or the guy whom is riding a funboard/longboard and wants “more” board in regards to something that focuses on performance and maneuverability while still riding a “mid-length” surfboard model….. Our someone wants to catch every wave.


When: All conditions


What: The Crowd Killer is that model which can not only ride but perform on small dribble, everyday conditions, and the good days. This is thanks to a notable flip in the nose rocker, a flat mid-board rocker, and a notable flip in the tail rocker starting behind the side fins which is complimented by the longer length, nicely foiled rails, and a double-bump swallow tail. This allows the Crowd Killer board to be a #hyperfunboard while catching every wave in its path. It gets into waves early, has down the line drive, but, will still fit the curvature of a more steep wave/section. Can play with the 5 fin configurations to provide increased speed down the line with a quad, increase pivot and drive with a hearty tri fin option, or get funky with some quad keels or a Twin +1 setup.