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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about



Who: The Puddle Jumper HP can suit a variety of surfers based on current skill levels. Advanced surfers will ride this model on average 4-6” shorter than their current high performance shortboard. The intermediate surfer will find this a good board to have in the quiver as a tool to easily catch more waves while being able to keep overall board length down. This will make learning and advancing one’s ability to maneuver and turn the board much easier than a “funboard or longboard”. Beginners could drastically oversize this model to learn the fundamentals, but is not the most ideal candidate.


When: Ideal in sub-average to good waves especially if/when the conditions tend to be a bit soft or are punchy but not well overhead. In the hands of the correct surfer can be ridden outside those parameters, but the model is not specifically made for that.


What: The Puddle Jumper HP is a spin off the Puddle Jumper Squash and it does still share the forward volume, wave catching abilities, and good flotation. The changes start at the nose, with a more pulled in/slimmer outline, which in turn brings the wide point a bit back when compared to the original PJ.  Despite that, it still has a parallel rail line that creates great drive when the conditions are soft and don’t give you down the line speed.  Much like the nose, the tail is also pulled in a bit (from the OG PJ) which allows the board to pivot and complete tighter turns while also adding hold in steeper more critical sections.  Finally, with the added “Deep Vee” through the tail this furthermore allows the PJ HP to confidently surf in the pocket which adds a performance oriented twist to this rendition.

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