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Who: The V3 Stealth lends itself towards the intermediate and advanced levels. Low intermediates can still enjoy this model especially with the available Domestic dimensions. Beginners will find other models much more suitable for their needs than the V3 Stealth.



When: The V3 Stealth likes and needs a bit more of a wave than the previous V3 Rocket, but is still more capable in marginal conditions when compared to a “traditional” performance shortboard. Average to good conditions in the waist to head + range is ideal.



What: The V3 Stealth is a performance-enhanced version of the V3 Rocket which diminishes a bit of the low end condition prowess, but adds flare and maneuverability in its ideal wave range. The V3 Stealth’s nose and tail have been pulled in more so than the V3 Rocket to resemble a more “traditional shortboard”. The nose and tail rocker have been increased to deliver more performance however the center rocker is still relaxed enough to deliver drive in flat/mushier sections. The exaggerated double flute in the tail adds two points of traction and allows it to pivot off the flutes by reducing surface area at each flute. The reduced surface area of the tail (in relation to the upper ¾ of the board) will provide tight turns and allow for increased hold within steep/critical sections.


The bottom contour is a strong single concave from the nose down into the tail. This concave efficiently channels water down the center of the board creating tons of drive and speed that will have you carrying momentum from section to section. These characteristics work together to enable glide and the ability to surf more precisely in flat or steep faced waves. If you liked what the V3 Rocket had to offer, but felt it had limitations as the surf improved and or wanted a more tapered/profiled version, then the V3 Stealth is one to strongly consider.

Also available via custom order: Radiator-4 Channels “R-4C”

…Unlike classic parallel channels, these “R-4” Channels are fast and free in smaller to average surf, because they are toed in to work with the fins and encourage radical turning and create drive in tight radius arcs. Classic parallel placed channels go very fast down the line and feel great in powerful, driving surf (but tend to be sticky and track in quick turns). The two outer channels are aligned parallel with the front fins, angled towards the nose and the two inner channels are toed in a touch less than the outer two (similar to running inner quad fins with less toe than the front fins). All four fins angled to the same vanishing point up front, and radiate outward, with the fins, back through the tail. By simultaneously cutting through the curve in the tail rocker as it radiates out the tail, the “R-4C “ provides the sensation of added grip and drive. They speed through turns. The channels are fun, fast and exciting… and these ones excel in not only clean waves, but also liven up even soft and sloppy surf.