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Carbo Hydro

Firewire's Description

The Carbo Hydro is a new model from Firewire which is derived from the Baked Potato with plenty of refinements to shake things up. The overall game plan is the same, by maximizing wave count while keeping effort output minimal. The Carbo Hydro’s obvious changes (from the Baked Potato) are a more pulled in nose with a rounded diamond tail which create a faster and more responsive feel on the wave. The width in the middle is what gives the glide needed for flat and or mushy sections thus allowing you to keep your momentum. The concave features a single under your front foot and leads to a double through the fins and off the tail. Combine that concave with a very mellow overall rocker and you find yourself easily stroking into waves while continuously gaining and maintaining speed in a variety of wave conditions. To sum up the Carbo Hydro, it is a versatile everyday driver which will shine in poor to good waves ranging from 2-4 feet. Ideal for all skill levels. Call 1-855-429-9570 with any questions!

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Carbo Hydro
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