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No Brainer

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Who: Beginner to Advanced Surfers


When: Waist to head high waves and works in all conditions


What: The No Brainer is yet another collaboration between Dan Mann and Kelly Slater.  Kelly asked for a board that would work well in the small, soft surf that he gets back in his home state of Florida. This board is the result of that request. With just enough grovel characteristics to make it paddle well and go fast in small surf, and the high-performance feel; this board is a great tool for progressing your surfing in small surf. Not to mention its ability to still work really well in the chest- head high days. Starting at the top, you have a nice flip in the nose to prevent it penetrating the water on takeoff and helps out when surfing top to bottom. Moving to the middle of the board, there is a single concave starting a little below the nose and runs all the way to the fins. Within that single concave, is a double concave that runs the same length. This helps rail to rail transitions. The middle of the board is also flat, there is no bottom curve through this board; just the nose and tail flip. That helps the board plane well through flat spots and carry momentum. Moving to the tail, right at the top of the center fin, the contour transitions to a spiral V out the tail(a favorite of Kellys). The rear of the board features a swallow tail that gives the board speed down the line and release at the top of the wave; both ideal for smaller surf. All in all, the No Brainer is a board anyone can pick up and have fun on. It is recommended to be run as a quad, but it is always a good idea to start with a fin setup you are familiar with and experiment from there to really feel out the board.

Board Dimensions

5' 00" 18 7/8" 2 5/16" 24.6 L
5' 03" 19 3/16" 2 3/16" 24.8 L
5' 04" 19 1/4" 2 1/4" 26.0 L
5' 02" 19" 2 3/8" 26.1 L
5' 04" 19 1/8" 2 3/8" 27.0 L
5' 05" 19 5/16" 2 5/16" 27.2 L
5' 06" 19 3/8" 2 3/8" 28.7 L
5' 07" 19 1/2" 2 1/2" 29.9 L
5' 08" 19 5/8" 2 1/2" 31.2 L
5' 09" 19 11/16" 2 9/16" 32.6 L
5' 10" 19 3/4" 2 5/8" 34.0 L
5' 11" 19 13/16" 2 11/16" 35.4 L
6' 00" 20" 2 13/16" 37.7 L
6' 02" 20 3/8" 2 15/16" 41.1 L
6' 04" 21" 3" 45.3 L
6' 06" 21 1/2" 3 1/8" 49.2 L

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24.8 45.3 24.8 to 45.3


Firewire Description:

“The No Brainer is so easy to surf well, you can shred on it even if you don’t have a brain. The Rocker is a tried and true template I’ve relied on for a long time in grovelers. I’ve modified it slightly for Kelly, adding flip in the nose and tail.

Kelly and I have been going back-and-forth on four or five variations of the No Brainer and we’ve landed on something I think is really magic – the kind of board that an advanced and talented surfer can grovel and shred on, but at the same time something that all other levels of surfer can ride in small to decent sized surf.

The bottom contour is made up of a subtle belly v in the nose that goes into a moderate single concave under the chest. Within that single concave is a double concave that runs through nearly the entire length of the board. Even through the fins. But in the last five or so inches of the board it turns into a spiral V, because since I started working with Kelly over the last couple years, I’ve learned that V is something really critical to him in most of his shapes.

 I recommend surfing this board with your favorite quad set. “



No Brainer
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