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Twice Baked

Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should you ride this model

What= What is this model about


Who – The Twice Baked is an user friendly model that is ideal for beginner to expert surfers.


When – The ideal wave size is 1-4 ft. Anything from shin to chest + on the poor to average condition days.


What –The Twice Baked is a “relative” to the Baked Potato featuring some significant changes. The first and most obvious change is the new and tight squash tail. The bottom contour is a single to double that ends in a V. The V starts just ahead of the center fin. The overall bottom contours are less dramatic than the Baked Potato as well. Expect to ride the Twice Baked around the same length as a Baked Potato. Overall this model is a grovel weapon that looks to be aggressively turned, go fast, and carry momentum!

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Twice Baked
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