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**FITS FUTURES FIN BOXES** The SW540 Orange fins are the most versatile, with great propulsion and drive for maximum carving. Can be used also as Twin fins. They are designed for medium footed surfer with their Summer, Semi-gun and Sup boards in medium to solid waves. Colours : One specificity of the S-wings concept is that you can use the different flex / colours of the fins to change the qualities of your board : more propulsion and drive or more control in bumpy or barreling waves … very useful during your surf trip. GREEN : very flexible, the most propulsive, sppeed is increased with every turn or impulsion of the surfer. They are designed excusively for small glassy waves and light footed surfer. ORANGE : medium flexibility, designed for point break or bumpy powerful waves, very good trajectory control and propulsion for heavy footed surfer. RED : Carbon reinforced, they are deigned for big and barreling waves for big wave surfers who are looking for the Quad control and the trifin pivotal qualities.

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Model SW 540 FF ORANGE
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