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HAMBOARDS 5'7" PINGER (1210-18-BAM-5F7)


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15 3/8 IN
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What you feel, you can neither describe nor believe

This model is a sporty version of the Classic meant for those with an inclination to connect to nature in a whole new way. It’s meant
for those with tremendous desire to transcend skating into a surfing experience.

The Pinger takes a minimalistic approach akin to classic surfboards. Simple yet aesthetically stunning, the deck is a torsion flex with
a wing pintail carved out of natural bamboo or Baltic birch for the right balance of springy stretch and stability.

The teardrop canvas measuring an awe-inspiring 5ft 7 in, (the second largest in the Hamboards quiver) captures the shape and feel
of the timeless surfboards that first tamed the Banzai Pipeline of North Shore Oahu. (Like the one with the lightning bolt.)

This is a dream board for anyone who wants to work on footwork, cross-stepping, noseriding or loves more speed release out of turns.

You’ll love the max turning leverage while giant wheel wells below eliminate wheel bite. That means carving at never-seen-before angles,
cut right into the boardwalk.

But the magic lies somewhere else

Pinger features a 19mm deck with aggressive lines. The patented 200mm HST Carving trucks with our strongest gold springs and
massive 90mm cast polyurethane wheels offer a ride that is shockingly familiar to longboard surfers and longboard SUP Surfers alike.
This surfskate is a head-turning longboard surfskate board.

LIke the Classic, this board will take you straight back to the surfline or help you master pop ups, drop knee turns, toes over nose,
cut backs, bottom turns and hanging heels (if you’re daring). If you’re into SUP Skating, this extra long and wide deck allows you
to paddle prone, so you can switch arms without the need to switch feet.

The designs harken back to the early days of surfing, while the deck is perfectly weighed, flexible and designed to sustain comfortable
yet aggressive cruise propulsion.

Mounted on massive 24 mm riser blocks are a pair of patented 200mm HST carving trucks cast from virgin aluminum and heat treated for
relentless thrash. A 40-degree reverse kingpin and 30 degrees of board lean allows the ultimate rail-to-rail flow, board lean and extreme carving angles.

Inside the HST carving trucks are a set of spherical wave cams that translate axle rotation into increased force by compressing an incredibly
strong compression spring. The new gold springs yield a whopping 25 pounds force against the wheels, that allow this to glide through road
imperfections like an off road vehicle. The gold springs give just enough of a snappy return to center and truly feel like surfing. On the road,
the Hamboards signature chocolate brown 90mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery
smooth and literally kick-out small rocks before you can ride over them.

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San Clemente (OG)

1755 N El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

San Clemente Downtown

124 S. El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA 92672

Melbourne Beach

209 Ocean Ave
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Orlando (UCF)

12250 Strategy Blvd Suite 425
Orlando, FL 32817

Cocoa Beach

109 N Orlando Ave
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931