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  • Poly Vs. Epoxy


    This is one of the number one questions that we get; whether in person at the stores, or on the phone. Should I get my board in poly or epoxy and how different do they really feel?


    Starting with poly (or PU for Polyurethane), this is the OG foam that has been used since the late 50’s to make surfboards. A poly board was almost certainly the first real glassed board you ever had. It is heavy(compared to epoxy) and prefers to be ridden in decent sized surf, that is where it excels. Using the weight of a poly board to work for you is key. Since the board is heavier, it generates speed easier on its own, without you having to give as much input. Poly boards will carry through your turns and you will feel the rail slice through the water. When you are surfing good sized waves and doing a lot of rail to rail surfing, you cannot beat the feeling of a poly board…that is simply what they are meant for. When you are watching surf contests, 99% of the competitors will be on poly boards. A typical poly board that you would want to have in your quiver are step-ups and standard shortboards. Continue reading

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