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  • DRIVER 2.0

    The ...Lost Driver 2.0 - Winner of the 2019 Stab in the Dark All-Star edition



  • Rocket Redux

    The day before yesterday The Ho family paddled out behind their house and scored some really fun surf. Mason, Michael and Coco are all riding ...Lost surfboards new board model called the “Rocket Redux”.



    “ Just In time for the Holidays:  The Family Ho ...Ho...Ho has given everyone the most precious of presents.   A 9 minute masterpiece that shines a strong light on the very best of why we all surf.
    Mason, Coco and Michael “Pops” Ho (as well as adopted son,  Sheldon “ Doggy Door” Paishion) having the time of their lives.  Oh yea, each riding a brand new #Rocket_Redux.
    Filmed by Roirdon Pringle, with water footage by Timmy Toes, this is a must-see Holiday clip to warm your heart....and shamelessly persuade people to purchase a new Rocket_Redux, by ...lost surfboards,  in this most commercial of shopping seasons.”  - Matt



    Check the link below, but be very careful because you may find yourself reaching for the Lost Surfboards Rocket Redux for your next session.




  • 2018 Best Selling Surfboards

    Best Sellers of 2018


    At the end of every year, comes time for reflection. So, in this post we thought we would take a look at 2018 and lay out our best-selling surfboards of the year.


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  • Tail Shapes

    In this post we are going to be talking about different tail shapes and how they ride in the water. The shape of the tail can drastically alter the way a board feels and it is important to know the characteristics of each type of tail. There is a good bit of hydrodynamic information about why these different tails work, but as the rider we are really mostly concerned with what that translates to in the water. Stated differently, how does this tail feel on a wave?

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  • Poly Vs. Epoxy

    This is one of the number one questions that we get; whether in person at the stores, or on the phone. Should I get my board in poly or epoxy and how different do they really feel?

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