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Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about


Who: Intermediate to Advanced Surfers


When: Chest high plus waves and works in all conditions


What: The FRK is the collaboration between Dan Mann and Kelly Slater.  Simply put it is a well-oiled, highly refined performance short board designed to take your surfing to the next level. Starting with the nose, it has a medium to high entry rocker to handle the late drops. However, the rocker is smooth and concise, not a drastic flip in the nose. What this does, is allow Dan to hide a lil extra foam up in the nose for good paddle power (this is a minor thing, but it’s there). The shape of the nose is that of a high performance shortboard, no surprise there. So, it’s going to fit great in the pocket when surfing tight and going vertical. Moving down to the middle of the board, the rail line gets pretty straight which allows for good down the line drive. The middle also holds most of the foam in the board, strategically placed so it is far enough forward to assist in paddling but not too far forward where is has an impact on the boards ability to surf tight.  Moving down to the tail, it starts to cut in pretty steadily to a tail that is somewhere in-between a traditional round tail and a pin tail. This makes the board ideal for sharp tight maneuvers, weaving through barrels, and smooth transitions. Looking at the bottom it goes single through the middle of the board and transitions to a very subtle double concave and then goes flat out the tail. We’ve seen the words sharp, and tight a few times in this description and those can sum up the feel that this board will have. Give it a try!

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