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Who- This board is for anyone that likes to smile while they surf. Young, old, new, experienced; this board is really for everyone. If you want this board don’t think about much more, just get it already.


When- As is with most fish boards, clean surf is where they excel. Regarding wave size, you could really ride the Seaside in just about any size 7-8ft and under. However, head high and below is where it will excel. This board will certainly work in choppy surf as well, so don’t be afraid to try it in anything.


What- Seaside is an adaptation from the ever-popular Go Fish. It is more refined and adds some high-performance characteristics to suit a more aggressive style. Machado’s goal with this board was to answer the question: “If you could only ride one board for the rest of your life, what would it be?” It has a similar outline to the Go Fish except for a few key characteristics. The first being a slightly narrower nose; while still having plenty of foam forward for paddle power and speed, the narrower nose fits in the pocket better, allowing a more vertical approach. The second is the tail, coming in shallower and narrower than the Go Fish. The tail on the Seaside is going to feel better top to bottom while still feeling smooth and fast while on rail or just simply cruising down the line(guaranteed to put a smile on your face). Third, the traditional Machado channels are not featured on this board. This is done because the Seaside is designed to be ridden with a quad setup, Machado uses a different bottom that is better suited for riding with 4 fins.

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