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Hypto Krypto Step Up

Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should this model be ridden

What= What this model is about

Who- The Hypto Krypto Step Up can be ridden by novice to advanced surfers, but given its purpose of being ridden on big/critical days, an intermediate to advanced surfer will get more out of this model.

When- This model is your step up for when the waves are big and powerful. 3-10ft and good to great conditions.

What- The Hypto Krypto Step Up is made to be ridden when in 3-10ft waves, with an emphasis on larger wave conditions. It is very similar to the Hypto Krypto, but has a slightly pulled in nose, low rails for hold, a medium to low entry rocker, a single to double to vee out the tail, and a new swallow tail. These new changes allow the Hypto Step Up to charge harder, provide more confidence, and hold in steep waves. The ideal model to pull out when the buoys are pinging!

Hayden Shapes Description

Designed to take the Hypto Krypto surfer on a new journey. Surf it when the waves are more critical. The Step Up everyone has been waiting for. Hayden has designed this model around the renowned Hypto Krypto. Hayden says it’s a board that will take the Hypto Krypto on a journey. Surf it when the waves are more critical and the size is increasing. It’s a step up for those big days, with the effortless usability from the Hypto Krypto to help you get in to more critical waves with confidence. This board will hold 3-10ft+ with ease. Surf it 1-2 inches longer than your Hypto Krypto.

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Hypto Krypto Step Up
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