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Bean Bag

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Who- The Bean Bag is ideal for beginner to advanced surfers.

When- The Bean Bag is a grovel board made for the smallest days when you don’t want to ride a fun shape or longboard. Poor to average waves ranging from shin to chest high.

What- The Bean Bag is a full bodied and high volume model made to keep you off a longboard. It features a volume forward outline with a wide spoon like nose, a tip to tail vee bottom, and a very low rocker profile. These attributes give the Bean Bag excellent wave catching abilities, built in glide/momentum, and effortless rail-to-rail transitions. Essentially, catch waves like a longboard but be able to turn like a shortboard. The Bean Bag is the best of both worlds when the waves are small.


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Stock Dimensions

4’10″ x 20.00″ x 2.32″ | 26.50
5’0″ x 20.50″ x 2.38″ | 29.05
5’2″ x 21.00″ x 2.50″ | 32.20
5’3″ x 21.25″ x 2.50″ | 33.25
5’4″ x 21.50″ x 2.56″ | 35.05
5’5″ x 21.75″ x 2.56″ | 36.15
5’6″ x 22.00″ x 2.63″ | 38.05
5’7″ x 22.25″ x 2.63″ | 39.24
5’8″ x 22.50″ x 2.75″ | 41.41
5’9″ x 22.75″ x 2.75″ | 41.90
5’10″ x 23.00″ x 2.75″ | 43.90
6’0″ x 23.00″ x 2.75″ | 45.40

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Bean Bag
Minimal Price: $739.95
radically extreme small wave concept! Based around maximum surface area for lift and stability in tiny surf. Balanced by a “double ender” outline and a tip to tail vee bottom, for forgiveness and on rail surfing in the smallest of waves. Similar to the Couch Potato, but with a wider tail and a lower overall rocker. It also features a flat (low center of gravity) and stable deck. This board is meant to be surfed very short. Unlike most extremely wide and short boards, it has the ability to be surfed aggressively from the tail, and up onto a rail, without sliding out…Get off the Couch, toss your LazyBoy and bust out the BeanBag!