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A versatile and user friendly shortboard capable of performing in average to good conditions.

...Lost's Description:

Year after year this board continues to be Kolohe Andinos go to board. Whether as a 5’11 squash tail, 6’0 round tail, or stretched to a 6’1 round pin…It is still his main rocker for the WCT events to this day. Defined by a long, straight rocker through the middle of the board that then lifts to a healthy nose rocker (so the board redirects when put on a rail) and a low, but curvy tail rocker that’s moved way back under the rear foot. A board that likes to be “Driven” by a strong and forceful surfer, who uses their strength and commitment to the rail, in turning a board. Surfers like Julian Wilson and Tyler Wright have also used Drivers to win World Tour events. A great Shortboard for any strong surfer who might tend to overpower most flicky or loose rockered boards.


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Stock Dimensions

5’8” x 18.50” x 2.18“ | 24.30
5’10" x 18.75” x 2.25” | 26.30
5’11“ x 18.88” x 2.32“ | 27.60
6’0” x 19.00“ x 2.38” | 28.90
6’1” x 19.25“ x 2.50” | 31.10
6’2” x 19.38“ x 2.56” | 32.50
6’3” x 19.50“ x 2.56” | 33.30
6’4” x 19.75“ x 2.63” | 35.00
6’6” x 20.00” x 2.75” | 38.10

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