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Limited: Sub Scorcher

“I wanna board for 1′ mush. Something really short and wide, but still a short board…..something like Danes board.” –Kolohe Andino

The challenged was laid down. Starting with an old SD2: We squashed the dims to 5’5″x18.63″x 2.13″, lowered the entry rocker and shallowed the concave through the center to straighten the rail line for drive and make it easier to lay such a wide platform over on a rail. “Viola!” Our stubbiest short board yet, but it still carves like a real board. Kolohe wanted to call it “The Trashcan Lid” because you don’t need to go dumpster diving to get one of these!


5’6 19.00 2.25(25.0cl)
5’8 19.25 2.32 (27.0cl)
5’9 19.38 2.32 (27.7cl)
5’10 19.50 2.38 (28.8cl)
5’11 19.75 2.38 (29.8cl)
6’0 20.00 2.50 (32.1cl)
6’1 20.25 2.56 (33.7cl)
6’2 20.50 2.63 (35.0cl)
6’3 20.75 2.63 (36.0cl)
6’4 21 2.75 (38.6cl)

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Limited: Sub Scorcher
Minimal Price: $780.00
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