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WhoThe SWORD-FISH can be ridden by surfers from all ranges of experience, but is best suited for intermediate to advanced surfers. This board is for someone who wants to put a fun fishy twist on their performance surfing. Intermediate and Advanced surfers will find the SWORD-FISH to be a refreshing twist on the RNF Retro with more of an aggressive performance design. The fish outline allows this board to be ridden in a cruisey or aggressive performance style. Fans of both fish designs and performance shortboards will have a blast on this one! 

WhenThe SWORD-FISH can be ridden in subpar to excellent conditions. This model favors waves ranging from waist high to a foot overhead. That is where the characteristics of this board really shine. The right surfer can also take this board in steep surf and reap the benefits of the SWORD-FISH’s sheer speed. Due to the pulled in shortboard nose and refined outline it may need a little bit more of a powerful wave relative to its counterpart - the RNF Retro. 

WhatThe SWORD-FISH was designed at the request of (and direction from) Kolohe Andino. This board was built as an extension of his favorite RNF Retro. The SWORD-FISH is a fish with a lot of the benefits you see in a performance shortboard. The board wants to go fast and be engaged in the wave face. The wide, rounded nose of the RNF Retro has been replaced with a longer more narrowed shortboard nose with a bit more rocker. In steeper surf, the increased rocker in the nose will keep you from pearling as well. The entire outline of the RNF Retro has also been narrowed and the tail pulled in just slightly. This will allow for better in the pocket performance surfing. With a five-fin setup as your option, you can get really creative with the SWORD-FISH. This board, just like the RNF Retro, is all about fun with ability to perform at a top tier level as well. The board was designed to have more power, be a bit stiffer, more aggressive, and even faster than the original RNF Retro. 

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5’2”     18.50   2.20     23.50 cl

5’4”     18.63   2.25     25.00 cl

5’5”     18.75   2.30     26.00 cl

5’6”     18.75   2.30     26.00 cl (Mason Ho Exacta Dims)

5’6”     19.00   2.33     27.00 cl

5’7”     18.88   2.32     27.50 cl (Team Exacta Dims)

5’7”     19.25   2.38     28.50 cl

5’8”     19.00   2.35     28.00 cl (Griffin Colapinto Exacta Dims)

5’8”     19.50   2.40     29.50 cl

5'9"     19.25   2.38     29.00 cl (Kolohe Andino Exacta Dims)

5'9"     19.75   2.45     31.00 cl

5'10"   19.50   2.44     30.00 cl (Nate Yeomans Exacta Dims)

5'10"   20.00   2.50     32.50 cl

5'11"   20.25   2.55     34.00 cl

6'0"     20.50   2.60     35.50 cl

6'1"     20.75   2.63     37.00 cl

6'2"     21.00   2.66     38.00 cl

6'3"     21.25   2.70     40.00 cl

6'4"     21.50   2.75     41.50 cl

6'6"     21.75   2.80     43.95 cl


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Exact Lost Description

Designed at the request of (and direction from) Kolohe Andino, as an extension of his favorite RNF-Retro.


Kolohe surfed his little neon RNF-Retro better than I’d ever seen anyone surf any fish in small Trestles waves.

Inspired, yet not satisfied, he came to me wanting to create something even better.


 “I love that little Retro-fish. It works way better than I ever would have thought, but I can’t get my head completely around that short little nose.  If that thing had a longer nose on it, I could probably ride it in contests.

I really want that fish with a longer, more pulled nose.  Make it about 5’9”, so it feels more like a real shortboard up front.  Maybe a bit narrower overall.  I want a longer rail, with more drive off my front foot.  More power, a bit stiffer, more aggressive and even faster.  Ridiculously fast.  You can leave everything else kinda the same.”- KA

Gauntlet laid…. So we went to work and to do just that.


Starting with Kolohe’s magic little 5’6” RNF-Retro <Show photo of KA’s board> we added 3” of length, by extending the nose, pulling it in and added some gradual nose rocker.  We also narrowed the entire board a bit and pulled the tail in just slightly, retaining the double side-cut ”Pelagic” outline.  We kept the tail rocker and bottom curves essentially the same but blended the rails a bit more.


The end result being a 5’9” 19.25” 2.38” little speedster, reminiscent of a classic, Clyde Beatty “Rocket-Fish” <Show Photo of his first board>.


We documented Kolohe’s first surf on our first attempt, and knew we were onto something. “I love it.  It might be the best alternative board I’ve ever ridden.  Let’s make it a model!”.

So we did….

Kolohe Andino’s SWORDFISH:  A fast, aggressive and powerful predatory “Fish”, with a longer, pointed nose, side cut “Pelagic” outline, wide fish tail and ridiculously fast rocker.



Minimal Price: $700.00