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Carbon Corked Capped Composite


This is the culmination of 2 years of research and development between Matt Biolos and St. Augustine, Florida board wizard Drew Daggett (Inspired Surfboards). Building on their previous creation, the C3 board with exposed cork, C4 takes this technology to a level that the mass surfing population can not only appreciate by reading about it, but also want to try one. C4 consists of a 1.5 lb EPS core, 1.5mm of cork covering the whole deck and rails, and standard glassing overtop. This creates the “sandwich” effect where you get the benefits of having the cork on the board, however it is still a traditional glassed board.

So, what does this corks stuff do? Traditionally, EPS boards are predominantly ridden in smaller surf because of their high float and light weight characteristics. In high wind conditions, or larger surf the EPS board begins to show its downfall with its very squirrely as well as chattery feel. With the addition of the cork, it absorbs impact, suppresses those chatters, and adds a bit extra weight to the board(while still being lighter than traditional PU) so when conditions are windy or the surf is big, the board is still able to perform at a high level. Essentially you get the benefits of EPS with superior paddle power and maneuverability, but you also get the benefits of a PU board which holds solid and feels smooth when the waves are bigger/windy. 

For the eco-friendly folks, the cork used in C4 is naturally occurring in nature, therefore is a renewable resource. The cork is occasionally harvested from trees instead of chopping them down and the bark is then able to regenerate so it can be harvested again. In the surfing industry today, this is the only 100% renewable, natural resource that is used in surfboard manufacturing.

The cork is painted white except for a few select spots that are left clear so that you can actually see the cork underneath. When riding a model with C4 tech, you will not only notice the performance characteristics mentioned above, but also the strength. This construction is designed to be your go-to, reliable board that will last, perform, and be fun!


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Minimal Price: $500.00