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Who- The Lost Hydra is ideal for the beginner to advanced surfers. Fans of previous Lost grovelers will enjoy this modern, dialed in, small wave weapon. 


When- The Lost Hydra is designed for the very worse to average conditions. From barely rideable up to shoulder high, the Lost Hydra will keep you in the water while everyone else is bummed. All aspects of the board were designed to increase fun and performance in average to below average conditions. Overall, the board is a small wave machine that will bring a smile to your face no matter the conditions of the day.  


What- Lost combined many of its famous small wave hybrid boards such as the Puddle Jumper series and 2018’s huge hit the RNF Retro to bring you a small wave board of mass destruction. The Lost Hydra features overall low rocker with a traditional fish outline. The board has a flattish deck combined with fuller forgiving rails. The split diamond tail helps add bit and control to the wide tail while also reducing the surface area behind your foot. This Diamond tail also helps reduce the rail line which allows for quick, power retaining turns in small waves. The bottom contour is one of the most unique aspects of the Lost Hydra. The bottom has a unique double concave, “chined” Hydra-hull. This “hull” allows for more curve through the rocker making vertical surfing and turning a lot easier than with a traditional single concave that you see on many fish boards. The last piece of the puzzle that pulls the entire board together is the “Pelagic” side cut outline. This helps shorten the turning radius while maintaining control. As you can tell, this is a board made to dominate the lineup when the waves are subpar, no questions asked.  



5’0”     19.50   2.22     25.00 cl

5’1”     19.75   2.25     26.00 cl

5’2”     20.00   2.30     27.25 cl

5’3”     20.25   2.35     28.75 cl

5’4”     20.50   2.40     30.25 cl

5’5”     20.75   2.45     31.75 cl

5’6”     21.00   2.50     33.00 cl

5’7”     21.25   2.55     34.50 cl

5'8"     21.50   2.60     36.00 cl

5’9”     21.75   2.63     37.50 cl

5'10"   22.00   2.66     39.00 cl

5'11"   22.25   2.70     40.75 cl

6'0"     22.38   2.70     42.00 cl

6'1"     22.50   2.75     43.00 cl

6’2”     22.63   2.75     44.00 cl

6’3”     22.63   2.82     45.50 cl

6’4”     22.75   2.85     46.75 cl

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Exact ...Lost Description

The HYDRA is the ultimate minuscule wave monster, melding more than 25 years of developing small wave fish and mini wave hybrids. The HYDRA implements proven design details from a myriad of models like the Puddle Jumper, Bottom Feeder, Pelagic, and most recently the RNF-Retro. Built around an overall low rocker paired to an almost traditional “fish” outline, this little sea monster is a mini-wave weapon.

It features multiple magic making design elements which bring The HYDRA to life.

• On the outline, we’ve continued with the snowboard influenced “Pelagic” side cut outline.
From our original Pelagic, to the RNF-Retro and on to the new SWORD-FISH, every board featuring this outline has worked above expectations. It noticeably locks into the wave during carves and shortens the radius of turns while both gaining speed and maintaining control (ie: not sliding or skipping out).

• The bottom contours feature a unique double concave, chined “Hydra-hull”. A design I first learned from Jim Fuller, in the mid ’80’s and is featured in our classic Bottom Feeder model. A similar style of “hull” was also designed, popularized and perfected by Bill Stewart as the “Hydro-Hull” for decades. Like a single concave; It allows the use of more curve through the rocker (which makes proper turning and vertical surfing a lot easier) by cutting through and adding lift and speed. With very wide boards, single concave bottoms easily get sticky and want to stay flat on the face, the chined bevels add release, free up the board from rail to rail and encourage 3D rail surfing, as opposed to simply skating fast on the surface, like so many traditional fish.

• The tail is a split diamond, which melds the characteristics of both swallow and diamond tails.
- The notched-out center line shortens the stringer and reduces surface area behind the rear foot, to add bite and control to a wide tail. - The double diamond tail shortens the rail line (and thus the turning radius) making quick and radical, power retaining turns much more manageable.

• The HYDRA uses a flat-ish deck, with full and forgiving rails. Flat decks can remain thinner and still retain volume, and more importantly, aremore flexible (even if thick) than vee or dome decks. Flex is good in low rocker boards, keeping them pliable and forgiving. I dare say this is a more effective and advanced tail design than a typical fish or swallow in allowing radical surfing with very wide tails.

“Short and wide, with effortless glide. The HYDRA will fly when other boards leave you dry”.


Minimal Price: $575.00