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Mini Driver

Who= Who should be riding this model

When= When should you ride this model

What= What is this model about

Who- The Mini Driver will suit a novice to advanced surfer.

When- The Mini Driver is another versatile model which excels in average to great waves. Anything ranging from waist to overhead waves.

What- The Mini Driver is a blistering fast down the line board with built in hold and control. Originally made for Kolohe Andino to be a squished down, low rocker, tube packing barrel board. It has a wide-sh nose, a clean elliptical outline, and a rounded pin tail. This yields a board which paddles well, catches waves early, can be moved freely and easily while threading the needle through critical sections, BUT also works well in your average conditions as well. The tail still releases and has pop in everyday conditions and the rocker/outline provide glide and momentum. An ideal board to have in the quiver, especially in locations where the waves can be fickle and you are never certain what you may be surfing.


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Stock Dimensions

5’4” x 18.25“ x 2.18” | 22.91
5’6” x 18.50“ x 2.25” | 24.69
5’8” x 19.00“ x 2.32” | 26.92
5’9” x 19.25“ x 2.32” | 27.77
5’10” x 19.50“ x 2.38″ | 29.19
5’11” x 19.75“ x 2.44” | 30.83
6’0” x 20.00“ x 2.50” | 32.39
6’1” x 20.25“ x 2.63” | 34.89
6’2” x 20.50“ x 2.75” | 35.88
6’4” x 21.00” x 2.75” | 39.49

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Mini Driver
Minimal Price: $475.00